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1000 years of history at a glance

The history of Regensburg begins long before our era and has been shaped by ups and downs over the centuries. A brief overview:

Since the Stone Age  the Regensburg bend in the Danube is populated. The Celtic name Radasbona has been handed down as the oldest name of a prehistoric settlement.

Around AD 90 Erection of a Roman cohort fort in the area of today's district of Kumpfmühl.

179 AD  Founded as a Roman legionary camp Castra Regina (camp on the rain) of the III. Italian Legion in the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.




6th century AD Castra Regina as Reganespurc becomes the ducal residence of the Agilolfinger and the first Bavarian capital.

739 AD St. Boniface donates the diocese of Regensburg.

788 AD Emperor Charlemagne deposes Duke Tassilo III, the last Agilolfinger.

11th and 12th centuries Three times a crusader army gathers in Regensburg and sets off on its journey to the Holy Land.

12th and 13th centuries Economic heyday through long-distance trade to Paris, Venice and Kyiv. Regensburg became one of the most prosperous and populous cities of the time. The Romanesque and Gothic architecture of the Middle Ages still determines the face of the old town today.

1135-1146 Construction of the stone bridge. The medieval architectural miracle became a model for many bridge constructions, such as the Charles Bridge in Prague.





1180 Henry the Lion is deposed as Duke of Bavaria by Emperor Barbarossa at a Reichstag in Regensburg. From now on, the Wittelsbachs are Bavaria's ruling family.

1245 Kaiser Friedrich II gives the city the right to self-government through the privilege of "appointing a mayor and council". Free Imperial City until 1803.

1542 The city council accepts the Evangelical denomination. First public celebration of Holy Communion after the new confession.

1546 During the Reichstag, Emperor Charles V's love affair with the Regensburger Gürtler's daughter Barbara Blomberg, whose son Don Juan d'Austria was victorious over the Turks at the naval battle of Lepanto in 1571.

1630 At the Reichstag in Regensburg, Tilly Wallenstein is deposed. The astronomer Johannes Kepler dies in the city after a serious illness.

1633-1634 Regensburg is stormed by the Swedes under Bernhard von Weimar during the Thirty Years' War and recaptured by the imperial and Bavarian troops.

1663 – 1806 "Perpetual Reichstag at Regensburg"

1748 The imperial postmaster general, Prince Alexander Ferdinand von Thurn und Taxis, is appointed principal commissioner (deputy of the emperor at the Reichstag).

1806 The "Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation" is dissolved in Regensburg.

1809 Regensburg is shot at and stormed by French troops under Napoleon.

1810 Napoleon forces Elector Dalberg to cede the spiritual principality of Regensburg to the newly formed Kingdom of Bavaria. Regensburg becomes the capital of the newly formed Bavarian Regenkreis.

1838 Regensburg becomes the capital of the district of Oberpfalz and Regensburg, which essentially corresponds to the demarcations of today's administrative district of Oberpfalz.

1859 Opening of the railway lines to Munich and Nuremberg.

1910 Opening of the Luitpoldhafen (today Westhafen).

1938 Destruction of the synagogue in the so-called "Reichskristallnacht".

1943 Big Air Raid; 402 dead.

1945 Blowing up the Danube bridges. Women's demonstration for the handover of the city without a fight. Execution of the cathedral preacher Dr. John Maier. Occupation of the city by American troops.

1946 Regensburg becomes a big city.

1960 Construction of the east port.

1965 Laying of the foundation stone for the 4th Bavarian State University.

1978 The Rhine-Main-Danube shipping route is opened in the Regensburg-Kelheim section.

1979 1800th anniversary of Castra Regina - Regensburg.

1992 Opening of the university hospital for outpatient and inpatient operation.

1994 Jubilee "1000 years of St. Wolfgang", diocese patron.

1995 Jubilee "750 Years Free Imperial City".

1998 Opening of the new Thurn and Taxis Museum.

2000 World exhibition "Expo 2000" with decentralized projects. including renovation of the old town / cathedral.

2006 From September 11th to 14th, Pope Benedict XVI will visit Regensburg.

2006 The old town ensemble of Regensburg has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 13.


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