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The Towntower is located in the Neighbourhood of the royal castle grounds of Thurn und Taxis. You just have to cross the St. Petersweg and then you can find yourself standing in the green park of the palace Emmeram. Enjoy the silence among the heart of Regensburg.

The royal museum

You can visit the State Appartments of the castle with its tapestry of the Brusseles time and interior decoration of the Palais Thurn und Taxis in Frankfurt am Main. Parts of the cloister and the adjoining buildings of the oldest part of the castle have survived. Unlike the converted State Appartements, the cloister has not been modified. At the royal stables you can see the Marstallmuseum with its historical coaches and the royal treasury of Thurn und Taxis, which is a branch of the bavarian national museum.


The dynastie of Thurn und Taxis aquired the area of the monastery St. Emmeram and its buildings by detaching the mailing-rights in 1810. Then they have converted it to their residency. Part of the castle are occupied by the family till this day. The chapel is located in the cloister since the beginning of the 19th century. It is used as royal mausoleum at which prince and princess as well as unmarried  children are burried until the day. In 2005, the former remise of the castle has been expanded and is now used as craft brewery.

Castle grounds as place of events

At the castle grounds of St. Emmeram there are many different events during the year. In june, for example, there is the Thurn und Taxis horticultural show. In July, there are the Thurn und Taxis  castle festival and in winter the christmas market. Furthermore, you can book  the castle grounds and the rooms of the castle for privat events like weddings and Birthdays.

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